I graduated environmental geography, with a master in landscape management. I traveled in 26 countries: I endured extreme colds in Tien Shan Mountains, I watched eagles in the Gobi Desert, I’ve borne the burning sun on the Aral Sea and I stayed a few days with a jungle tribe without understanding a single word in their language.

For 18 years I’m climbing in the mountains, with a national championship and a national cup for sport climbing to show for it.

For the past 10 years I’m taking photographs with growing passion and joyful energy. I held classes and workshops and I’ve won several prizes, including an honorable mention at one of the most prestigious photo contest in the world (Black and White Spider Awards 2013).

In 2013 I’ve published my first photo book – 117 Romanian Writers, Publica Publishing House. Places, images, people, patience, awareness and love. A way of looking and understanding the world. All of this are related and make me who I am.

At Iuliana and Lucian’s wedding, I suddenly felt like it all made sense inside my head, like tiny clock pieces, working all together. And so I felt a perfect timing, in the middle of the guests, in a wonderful place, with two people in love. The Church was small, packed between building blocks. But I felt intense emotions, people’s happiness and vibration. Iuliana had an angelic dress, which radiated pure bright light every time she moved in front of a window, like a white torch. Then the chorus started to play and I felt like floating. I kept on shooting, feeling like that until late in the night.

And then I knew that I love photographing people who are in love.


Mircea Struțeanu

(www.struteanu.com – personal portfolio)